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Zach and I decided to get a new blog. Rather than going private, we just gave it makeover.

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The "Cool Kids"

Oh....hello! [Sarcastic Font] Our names are Derek and AJ and we are SO cool because we have iPhones. Oh, Katie? You don't have an iPhone??? That's SO lame.

Since Zach is at the Jet Convention in NYC, I went out with Derek and AJ to the Red Iguana for my first time.
We were all waiting for our checks and had a break in our conversation (which rarely happens with me there) and they whip out their iPhones and both start texting/tweeting/facebooking/iChatting or whatever cool people do on the CYBER SPACE PHONES.
Yeah, I was jealous.

One day, iPhone: I will text/tweet/facebook/iChat on you for myself.
Until that day I will live in Blackberry land....which is a dark, dark place.....

Motivation and Gratitude

Yesterday, my work had all these tickets to the 'Get Motivated' Seminar in SLC. I met a co-worker (Janette) there and went to the first half of it. (It was from 8:00-5:00, there is no way we could have lasted the whole time). And showing up was....pretty mandatory. I KIND OF enjoyed it. Keep in mind it was WAY too long. I have to admit though, I have been to my fair share of "Motivational Activites". If you count ALE, UAE, Ambassador Retreat for 4 years, several NKBA meetings, and all the other stuff in between...I am the seasoned veteran of seminars. There were TONS of speakers at this thingy, but my fave was former Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

The economy stresses me out, to the MAX. People losing their jobs, people losing their homes....and so many other hardships. I can't stand to watch the news anymore, quite honestly. But, this sweet guy put a lot of positive points out there. Not to be all patriotic in your face....but I am so grateful to live in America. He put it into perspective for me, and I appreciate him for that.

After I left the seminar, I had to run over to the hangar (where Zach Attack works) to drop of some postcards to my Brother-in-law. I was zipping around the corner and had to slam on my breaks because #1 - I drive too fast, and #2 - I almost hit my Brother-in-law in the fuel truck!

As you can see, Trav is VERY excited about the Postcards...haha!
I was driving around the hangar and I stopped in the parking lot. I DO have a point to this post, I promise.
It made me stop and think at how grateful I am for mine and Zach's jobs.

I thought it was so cool that the jet was there in front of the hangar, usually when I go there I can't see anything cool like helicopters or jets because they are all out on jobs.
I am in love with every single person I work with and can't imagine working anywhere else (for as long as they'll have me). I have to admit, I always wanted to work at an Architecture Firm with my degree, particularly FFKR. When I graduated, I must have applied 4 times. I was heartbroken when they told me that they weren't accepting applications, and wouldn't be in the near future. I thought I would never find something I enjoyed as much as I imagined I would love FFKR. I was SO wrong. I know now that FFKR would NOT be for me. I would just be a payroll number and a face behind a monitor. Here, I actually matter.
Zach is so lucky to work where he does. Besides, what guy wouldn't love to work at a place with Helicopters and Plaines all day?! And I know Zach agrees with me when I say that I can't thank my new family enough for what Classic has done for us. Zach has a secure job which he loves and works hard at every day. I am so SO grateful for that and for the family that made it possible.

Thank you.


Olive's Blessing/Sealing...

My adorable Niece Olive is getting blessed this weekend and then sealed to her family on Tuesday! Lori, my sister-in-law, had me make up some invites for the Blessing and the Sealing. She found the flower image, and I just re-created it in different colors. Here is how they turned out:

I took them to the printer and the girl that helped me was GAGA over OG (Olive Garden, is what she is called by her sister Lola and my Father-in-law). She asked if she could keep one of the invites....

I can't wait to go to the Sealing. I have never been to a family sealing (I couldn't go to Lola's because I hadn't gone through the temple at that time). I am going to bawl my eyes out, guaranteed....


Graduation / Cabin Weekend

I know I already posted about this, and probably should keep my mouth shut....but I only have one sibling and you'll never hear about this again. I really can't believe my brother Blake is officially a High School Graduate. Zach and I got work off so we could attend his graduation. It was LONG (520 students graduated) but so worth it to see him walk Friday. We are so proud of him. (I was just as proud that he didn't do anything embarrassing like pump his fists in the air, Jersey Shore style or do a cartwheel, like others did up on stage to accept their diplomas.) We didn't stay super long, because we had to hurry home and pack.

Later that evening, Zach and I took up some old friends of mine from Jr. High/High School and their wives up to his family cabin. Some of them I hadn't seen FOREVER, and it was fun to catch up with them and hang out with their darling wives. I love going up to the Henderson Cabin for so many reasons. The scenary is gorgeous, there is NO cell service (aka no crazy people calling to complain about their hardware in their kitchen), I don't know what Jeanene did to those beds...but they are SO comfortable, the kitchen is a dream to cook in, and it just feels so nice being somewhere that is far enough away so it feels like we're "escaping".
I had to steal pictures off of other blogs because Zach and I are horrible at remembering our camera...Photography Credit to Melinda and James....

Here are some highlights:

Good food

Movie Nights in the Theater Room - Yes, I know I have zero make up on and look like a man, just ignore that detail....

Hot Tub adventures

An improve dance performance by Quin, Sam, Georgie, and Ashton. (My two nieces and their cousins).

Riding in "The Tank" - some 6-wheeled creature/machine that apparently can float if submerged in water. I wouldn't let Zach try to take it through a giant mud puddle for fear of having to help him push/dig/tow it out.

Ping Pong Tournaments - Boys Only

Halo Tournaments - Boys Only

Games of all sorts

Hummingbirds - We were looking out the windows while watching a movie, and this poor hummingbird flew right into the glass, wanting to come in and enjoy some soup perhaps. I saw him fall on the gravel below, and a bunch of them went outside to check on it. It was alive, but dazed and confused. James went near it to take a picture, and it flew up and landed on his forearm. It just sat there forever looking stunned. It then flew up on his shoulder, checking out James' ear. I have never in my life seen a bird do that before. Yes, in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but not in real life. It was ridiculous. Props to James for keeping his arm and body so steady.

Frozen Brownie Pops

Fresh Air

Sleeping In

Playing Pool

We had a blast, and were so glad these couples could come up and join us. Thanks for all the movies, meals, and laughs. We love being at the cabin, and feel so lucky that Mark & Jeanene let us use their "Home Away from Home". We didn't want to come back to real life...


Ice Hockey!

I had never seen Zach play Ice Hockey before, and when he told me he wanted to play on an adult league with my cousin's boyfriend, Dan, I was a little nervous. Dan, along with all of his friends, all range from 5' 8" - 6' 3". That means they ALL have 5" on Zach, and about 75-100 lbs. The first game I was SICK. Not like a virus, but like my stomach was turning. I was just praying Zach wouldn't get clobbered by anyone. Not like I didn't believe he was talented, I just didn't want him to get smashed.

Zach, as always, pleasantly surprised me. I knew he played in High School.....but he was SO FREAKING FAST. Nobody could crush him, even if they wanted to, because he would skate circles around these guys! Yeah, there are a couple of 40-year-olds...but STILL!

Fast forward 6 games later....our team (the Cubbies) is UNDEFEATED!!! (We've had one tied game, so that doesn't count!) With my husband averaging 2 points per game! He's most definitely the smallest one on BOTH teams every game, but can out-skate everyone. I am so proud of him.

My husband....the Blur, the Legend....

I'm his biggest fan!


First Boating Trip of the Season

One word sums up our trip to Utah Lake: FREEZING!

SO glad I grabbed a jacket on my way out the door!

Meet Paulette, (Mom) the chocolate bug.

Zach on Flag Duty. Notice there are NO other boats on the lake.

Gary, (Dad) who chose to wear WAY too much red this Memorial Weekend.

My dad convinced Blake (brother) to try on HIS old Wet Suit from when he was my bro's age. Vintage.

Zach decided he'd give it a go, and chose NOT to part with his V-Neck. It was quite the process. One Wet Suit and one Dry Suit later, he was ready to board.

Overall, it was a great run. We had good company, good food, and the FUNNIEST family basketball game I've ever been involved in. Paulette was the MVP: 12 points!